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06-10-2016 AMC, Canteen, Mining and Cement.
06-10-2016 Civil Works at Kendriya Vidyala, Structural Audit of Head Gear, Tape Extensometer,Gear Box,EOT Crane
06-10-2016 16 & 20mm Tor Steel,Steel Items,Copper Cable,Cement Capsule, Blood Collection Monitor
29-07-2016 Supply of ordinary portland cement, Copper cable, Horizontal pumps, Structural audit of headgear, et
16-07-2016 Centrifugal compressor - 6200 cfm, as per Specification
08-07-2016 Provision items for FoodKit and AB Scheme
04-07-2016 Supply of Water cooler, cane chair, distemper & paint, copper cable etc..
21-06-2016 PVC Armoured Aluminium Cable,PVC Copper Cable,500 KVA,3.3KV/433v Transformer,Provision items,Laying
11-06-2016 Various sizes of G.I. Pipe, Steel items,Tor Steel & MS welding Rod
11-06-2016 Design,Manufacturing,Testing,Supply,Installation & Commissioning of Main Machanical Ventilators.
11-06-2016 Design,Supply,Erection,Installation and Commissioning of the Gold refining unit
11-06-2016 Manufacturing & supply of various Underground Support Materials at Hutti Gold Mine.
11-06-2016 Consultancy service for wind potential study and re-powering of existing wind mills.
11-06-2016 Spares for Mather &Platt pump, ss screen mesh, HDPE pipe, etc..
11-06-2016 Copper cable,Trailing cable,MS rods,Flocculant,Bleachind powder,Litharge powder,Thoor dal,Refinded o
30-04-2016 Provision items for Food Kit & AB Scheme
19-04-2016 Various sizes of conveyor belts,copper cable,vaccum contractor unit,indef electric chain,HT bolt & N
18-04-2016 Consultancy services for Preparation of Safety management plan,structural audit of head gear for gre
18-04-2016 Explosives
07-04-2016 Construction of Toilet Rooms at Old Gandhi Maidan, Head gear,Anemometer,5Tonne EOT Crane,Vehicle spe
22-02-2016 Provision items for Food Kit & AB Scheme
08-02-2016 65mm & 125mm Forged Steel Grinding Media Balls
04-02-2016 Preparation of Scheme of Mining, Civil works at Kendriya Vidyalaya, New Securtiy Office and HGM Hosp
04-02-2016 Security Guards Service and Hydrated Lime
04-02-2016 Sodium Cynide (NaCN)
04-02-2016 Rewinding and Reconditioning of 11KV, 1100KW
04-02-2016 G.I. Pipes, MS Bolts/Nuts, Spares for Networking, Anemometer and Civil work at New Guest House
03-12-2015 Mining, Electrical,Mettalurgy and Canteen Items
16-11-2015 HGML intends to establish a Centre for Holistic Health, within the HGML Hospital
09-11-2015 Various civil works, Metallurgy items, Mining items and Security Gaurds service and
19-10-2015 Hospital Medicines/Ayurvedic Drugs/Hospital General Items
15-10-2015 AirShaft
15-10-2015 Mining, Electrical,Mettalurgy and Medical Items
09-10-2015 Clarifications/ revision of the clauses for the NIT
29-09-2015 Double Boom Drill Jumbo & Drilling of Boreholes at Uti Gold Mines
26-09-2015 Gold refining unit.
23-09-2015 Electrical, Mining Items and Mechanical Items
11-09-2015 solar tender
24-08-2015 BVB/BBC Drilling Machine Spares
18-08-2015 Mining, Metallurgy and Mechanical Items
29-07-2015 Electrical, Mechanical and medical Items
21-07-2015 Development,Supply and Implimentation of Risk Management Software as per NIT
16-05-2015 Technical Auditing for exploration, mining and Metallurgy for grade variation & sampling
15-04-2015 Gold Sales tender
01-04-2015 TC Drill steels
31-01-2015 Supply and Establishment of continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring station at Hutti Gold Mine
10-01-2015 Mining, Electrical Items
09-12-2014 Mettalurgy, Mining Items
05-12-2014 100 TPH ball mill
02-12-2014 Road Works
10-11-2014 Different services
13-10-2014 Consultance service for 100 TPH
13-10-2014 Various Mining and electrical Items
13-10-2014 Mine construction and exploratory underground mine Development at Hutti
01-10-2014 Drilling of Boreholes
29-09-2014 Design, Supply, Implementation & Maintenance of Digital Incident Monitoring System.
19-09-2014 Mining, Electrical and Civil Items
19-09-2014 Providing Security Guards
18-09-2014 Accessories for BVB/BBC Drilling Machine spares
05-09-2014 Consultancy service and Bio-Diesel plant
03-09-2014 Electrical, Mechnical, Canteen Items
13-08-2014 Ambient Air Quality Monitoring station at Hutti Gold Mine
04-08-2014 Mining works and LHD Items
14-07-2014 Conveying and Crushing System
14-07-2014 50 TPH Ball Mills
10-07-2014 Various Mining, Metallurgy Items and Service works
20-06-2014 Medicine and other Hospital related Items
11-06-2014 EOI for Automation of existing Gold Leaching Plant.
30-05-2014 Mining, Metallurgy , Canteen and Hospital Items
30-04-2014 Mining, Mechanical, Electrical and Hospital Items
07-02-2014 Electrical,Mining, canteen and Civil Works
13-12-2013 Expression of Interest to run Departmental Store/ Provision Store
05-12-2013 Canteen, explosive and engineering Items and civil works
15-11-2013 Mining items, software and AMC service
06-11-2013 Electrical, Mechnical Items and Civil Works
05-05-2012 E-Procurement registration kannada notification
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